NOMAD-Narrative Oral Media for 'A' Development

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This daily broadcast utilizes A oral art forms as primary means of communication. It teaches and gives information, but does it using drama, poetry, riddles, proverbs, jokes and most importantly, chronological Bible stories. As hoped, the culture has taken on this program as its own. It is the most widely listened to A broadcast. The specific purpose is to broadcast programs that the people can own and that bring Chronological Bible Stories (CBS) into the centre of their storying traditions. The Bible stories are set inside a framework drama where a story teller repeatedly visits the same 5 characters. We strive to develop these characters lives, moving them to belief in the Good News. The program is called, Brilliant Morning Light. The A people are 2 million Muslim nomadic pastoralists living in the desert of the Horn of Africa. They are 98.5% illiterate.