EKHC Disciple Making Pastors Training

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Disciple Making Pastors Training (DMPT) attempts to prepare church leaders who are not able to attend full time academic study, while giving a balance of biblical and practical ministry training with an emphasis on making disciples. It utilizes an in-service (TEAM) model which includes Teaching, Experience, Assessment & Mentoring.

DMPT recently completed a two-year pilot project, the result of which was that more than 1,900 local church ministry leaders (next-level leaders such as youth, women's, Sunday School leaders) and members experienced a discipling relationship with these pastors and many pastors began reaching out to unbelievers in new ways. In one town more than 100 students trusted Christ and were discipled in a local church.

Assistant trainers were developed in each district who will continue working with these pastors. The DMPT team will continue to work with these leaders as they train and mentor 425 new pastors during the next 2 years. Also, 225 pastors from 9 new districts will also be trained as disciple-making pastors during this time.

DMPT is helping to fulfill SIMs mandate to see churches empowered and individuals mentored for spiritual growth into missions outreach.