Ethiopia Water

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This projects provides clean accessible drinking water and sanitation facilities to rural Ethiopian communities by a) drilling shallow wells (40m-80m deep) in conjunction with the Kale Heyet Church Development water program, b)spring capping and sanitation programs, and c) rain water capture, including training of local technicians.

Ethiopia is a largely rural country. Only 25% of those who live in rural areas have access to clean water, where access is defined as living within 1-2 kilometer of a water source that can provide 20 liters a day for a person. Poor water supply can lead to a number of diseases including diarrhea / cholera, eye disease, a number of which lead to the high infant mortality rate that is seen in Ethiopia. Mothers and daughters are generally expected to travel the long distances often needed to collect water for the family. This has an impact on the education of girls in particular.

This project provides an opportunity to show God's love, preach the gospel and encourage the local Ethiopian Church to perform a holistic ministry, especially in Muslim areas.