Quechua Literature & Radio Programming-Revised

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Update Description (10-May-2010) - This project produces programs for Mosoj Chaski, as there are no other entities that produce programs in the Quechua language. Our programs have a Christian focus and are prepared firstly with research, then writing the script and finally recording it.

Our objectives are:

1. That Mosoj Chaski Productions be able to generate funds in order to support the Quechua radio programs by means of internal, external donations and strategic alliances.
2. That the staff be able to understand the Word of God and the reality in which we are living.
3. That we be capable of producing renewed radio material that would be in accordance with the requirements of the Quechua people today and the needs of our communication media, for its broadcasting.
4. That what Mosoj Chaski produces be available to other radios.
5. Maintenance and up-dating of the broadcasting technical equipment, responding to the demands and requirements of these days.