Camp La Joya: Phase II

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The project seeks to purchase property and construct a facility (or renovate existing facilities) providing a place to which the Evangelical Church of Peru, as well as other church denominations in the province of Arequipa, can invite people of all ages (especially children and youth) for the purpose of evangelism and discipleship. Over and above camping, the site would be used for conferences, seminars, church retreats, picnics, etc...currently activities are difficult to carry out due to lack of a facility.

Plans include: nine additional cabins (each with accommodation for 12-14), one additional shower block, a multi-use pavilion with kitchen facilities, playing fields, playgrounds, swimming pool, a complete camping area with picnic and bathroom facilities, and finalized work on the retreat center. In addition, the construction of wells for clean water, a maintenance building and equipment, access road and wall around the property.