The Romans Project

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Romans In-Depth Study for Africa Pastors The Romans Project challenges African pastors to read Romans 20 times and hand copy it before receiving an Mp3 player with 500 hours of verse by verse teaching on 14 books of the Bible, including 126 messages on Romans. Pastors are trained in personal in-depth Bible study and expository preaching.
The goal of Romans Project is to affect positive and sustainable changes in the lives and ministries of 50,000 African pastors by helping them become better students and communicators of the Word of God. Through the repeated reading and personal copying of the book of Romans, their understanding of the text and teaching of Romans and the gospel. The results have been dramatic as pastors have come to understand salvation by grace and have testified to the changes in their lives and ministries. At least one pastor realized his basis of salvation was his works and has testified to receiving Christ as Savior and being saved by grace. (Testimonies of the impact are found on "The Romans Project" Facebook page.) A secondary focus has been to encourage and instruct pastors in how to preach expositional messages. Additionally, the Romans Project seeks to challenge pastors to lead by example as servants.