Ethiopian Kale Heywet School of Missions Building-Phase 1

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The Ethiopian Kale Heywet School of Missions (EKSM) at Durame was founded for the purpose of preparing cross-cultural missionaries for service both within Ethiopia and beyond. It is a foundational element of the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church plan to develop a strong and effective missions sending program. The school runs a two year diploma program. The first year consists of formal studies at the EKSM campus in Durame with one month of experience in a cross-cultural setting. The second year is devoted almost entirely to "on the job training" in which the students serve in actual cross-cultural ministry while being supervised and given further training by school faculty or other instructors.

Currently the school is operating out of borrowed facilities. It has land on which to build but requires assistance in funding the campus building campaign. A site plan has been prepared by Engineering Ministries International Canada (eMi) and this project will provide funding for seven buildings in this first phase: administration, kitchen/dining hall, two classrooms, two single dormitories, one marrieds duplex.