Health Education for 'A' Lives

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Health concerns is identified as the #2 challenge facing the pastoralist A people of the Horn of Africa. SIM has been working to bring these people an effective health education program. The aim is to reduce the incredibly high mortality rates of children under 5 from 229/1000 and maternal mortality rates from 720/100,000. Both of these rates are more than twice the Ethiopian national rates. With only 1 doctor per 138,900 people, a general increase in primary healthcare knowledge will greatly impact the society. 

HEAL is a project designed to educate A women in issues of basic community health. Every month 3 groups of 5 women gather to learn about health with Biblical storying accompanying each lesson. 

Each member commits to sharing this information with 5 other women so that daily health of these Muslim camel herders improves and the good news of the Gospel is spread. After 9 months these additional groups of 5 women will be trained using the original 15 women to train them. Hopefully this will lead to fast multiplication. The A people are 2 million Muslim nomadic pastoralists living in the desert of the Horn of Africa.