Camp La Joya - serving children of Peru

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Camp La Joya is a (interdenominational) 60 -acre camp which serves evangelical churches and Christian schools of the department of Arequipa (pop. 1,000,000). Its location in Vitor Valley makes it ideally suited for camp ministry - taking people out of the polution and business of the city into a quiet green river valley setting where they can "refocus" spiritually and be impacted by the beauty of God's creation and His powerful Word.

Camp La Joya has 3 main foci:
1. Summer Camp ministries: This year (2011) approx 400 children and youth came to camp during the six weeks of camp (5 weeks with our own camp team "Campcris" and one week run by a church from Arequipa).
Camp is for everyone and we make special efforts to make it affordable to all.

2. Church & Christian school retreats: There are over 300 evangelical churches in Arequipa with almost no place to go for a retreat or a "day away" where they can worship, teach and play without interuption or loud music from the "party crowd'. The size and facilities of the Camp La Joya site allows for at least 2 groups to come and still have their own "space". As future development takes place we hope to be able to accommodate 500 or more people at the same time. The camp can now accommodate up to 240 people.

3. The spreading of the Gospel through public school contact: This has been a new addition to the ministries of "Camp La Joya". We desire to reach beyond our "Christian contact base" of churches and Christian schools apart from Summer camp opportunities. This past year we had 3 public schools come for a "day camp" where the first 1 1/2 hours were spent in worship, prayer and Bible teaching - led by Camp La Joya Leadership and then the rest of the day spent in fun activities such as swimming, volleyball, soccer, riding horses, games, etc Through these activities we now are teaching the "religion" class in two local public schools and have a request from one more to do the same in their school.