Maza Tsaye Security Wall

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This 52 hectare (128.5 acres) site was originally created as a farm school some 50 years ago, later becoming a literacy/preperatory Bible school for about 15 years. Two years ago renovations began on the former farm school dorms and classroom block with the goal of creating a conference/retreat center aimed at encouraging, equipping and mobilizing the Church of Niger at all levels, through children and youth camps, sports outreach, couples' ministries, leadership development, teacher training, etc., as well as enhancing rural development initiatives. The Maradi Region is the heartland of the Niger Church, and the Maza Tsaye property is located on the national highway literally at the crossroads of the country.

With Maradi's rapid growth over the past 5 years, the property is increasingly feeling the pressure of urbanization, and the wire fences are not adequate barriers given the value of the woodlots and grazing possibilities so close to a crowded urban mass. A two meter high concrete block perimeter wall would provide appropriate security against such urban encroachment, as well as enhance the privacy and tranquility that the conference center is seeking to create. In addition, culturally a concrete block wall is seen as the sign of true property ownership, so it would remove the possibility of an urban land grab attempt by local authorities, something not that uncommon with land that has not been entirely enclosed. Finally, such a wall will encourage and protect further development of potential ministries.