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Jesus called us to speak the gospel to all we meet, whether that is in Canada or across the world. God's word is universal and many still need to hear the good news! No matter what SIM project it is, God's word is shared and people are changed. There are many projects that focus specifically on this aspect of ministry by sharing Bibles, showing the Jesus film or living intentionally with unbelievers.

Many of these ministries venture into isolated communities where God is not spoken of or is misplaced with another god. SIM missionaries want to see all people turn to Christ.

These projects need lots your prayers but they also need your financial support - to pay for materials and transportation costs for example to reach remote communities. As you share the gospel with those around you, remember to partner with those, sharing across the world!

The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) has caught SIM Canada's vision and approved a landmark five-year agreement to mid 2013 to support the quality work of SIM Canada's partners.

Through this partnership the Canadian Government will contribute close to $2,400,000 in matching funds to support the program. Canadians now have the opportunity to also catch SIM's vision and raise approximately $800,000, with every dollar being matched with three by CIDA.