North India High-risk Children's Ministry

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The vision of this ministry is to 'equip children for the future'. These children live in slum communities that are high-risk of becoming street children and children at risk, living and /or working on railway platforms. We want to see the lives of these children transformed by the Lord Jesus Christ and for them to experience the freedom from the cycle of poverty in order to become productive citizens of India. The teaching of Gods love through Christ by instruction and example is the key to this transformation.

This will be accomplished through in three ways:

Prevention, Intervention and Empowerment.

A) Prevention: Family Planning and counseling, preparing children to enter local schools, skills training, training in hygiene, nutrition, HIV/AIDS awareness programs

B) Intervention: Providing medical assistance and advice, health and nutrition programs, raising awareness of these childrens needs in local churches for their involvement, providing assistance and guidance to get children enrolled in schools or vocational training, rescuing children from immediate danger and abuse situations when possible, recruitment and training of volunteers who would like to minister to these children

C) Empowerment: Advocacy for the children against abuses, and to mediate between local authorities and children, Educating children and their families on their rights and possibilities