Hope For AIDS-SHALOM Delhi

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SIM India is supporting a Partner Organization (EHA) in their outreach to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA's) in Delhi and surrounding areas. Activities include home-based care; mobilizing a volunteer base from churches to be involved in home-based care; awareness-raising activities amongst community groups in the neighboring satellite city of Faridabad; and capacity building of Non-government and Community-based organizations in HIV Interventions.

HIV/AIDS continues to be a spreading epidemic in certain regions within North India, yet very little has been done by the Indian Government in these regions in terms of community-based care and treatment of PLWHA. SHALOM is well-placed, through its experience in Home Based Care (HBC) for training other organisations and for advocating to the government for better delivery of services. There is much potential for Christian compassionate action through these intiatives.