Children's Uplift Programme

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The Children's Uplift Programme seeks to provide a holistic ministry in Dhaka city for street/at risk children and young adolescent girls from this urban Muslim environment. The ministry will include training in life skills, teaching in character development and counseling for those with traumatic life experiences. The hope is to be able to provide a safe haven for these children in order both to improve their quality of life and, for the young teen girls, to provide an alternative to the perceived need for early marriage. It is intended that family members become involved, when available, to try and bring a new understanding of God's love for children, and how this love can be lived out in this world. The Gospel will be incorporated into this ministry through the physical demonstration of love for these children as well as verbal proclamation. A drop in center structure has much unstructured time and the Gospel will be woven into the classes and staff contacts with the children.