INF Dang Programme Care and Support Section

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The purpose of this project is to enable and support people suffering from stigmatising diseases such as leprosy, TB, general disability and HIV/AIDS to access good quality care, treatment and rehabilitation at this or another appropriate facility and to reach their full potential. The section has a 14 bed inpatient facility hoping to expand up to 20 beds, outpatient clinics for leprosy, neuritis and general rehabilitation patients, physiotherapy service, provision of protective footwear and orthotic devices, burns/ulcer care, 2 week residential selfcare training for leprosy clients, POID training for government health workers and community/church volunteers and an assessment/advice centre providing TB/leprosy assessment, diagnosis, advice, counselling, referral, advocacy and charity support. Additional services include managing Dang Poor Fund and providing assistance to general patients from this fund, supporting government health services and providing some income generation/socioeconomic support to target groups of clients. In future, expansion is anticipated to the rehabilitation service and service to HIV/AIDS widows and orphans. IDP Care and Support Section is based in Ghorahi and provides services to all 5 districts of Rapti Zone in the Mid West Region of Nepal, covering a population of 1.5 million in one of the poorest areas of Nepal.