Pakistan Flood Relief

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In the initial stages of this relief project, the aim is to provide basic food items and medicine. In the next stage there may be need to help with temporary shelter and possibly resettlement of people into their own villages. There have already been significant opportunities to share the gospel while distributing supplies.

Pakistan is suffering the worst floods in over a century. So far 1,600 people have lost their lives and up to 20 million people are displaced or have suffered significant loss. The UN now reckons this to be a greater humanitarian disaster than the combined effects of the three greatest natural disasters of the past decade: The Asian Tsunami, the Pakistan Earthquake and Haiti. In the Rahim Yar Khan area, where SIM has existing ministries and a presence, the need for emergency relief is continuing to grow. There are some particularly vulnerable groups amongst whom there already exists a church planting ministry. Whole villages of Marwari and Meghwal people have evacuated their villages in order to move to safer ground losing, in some cases, everything. The focus, therefore, is primarily on the Rahim Yar Khan area and also similarly neglected Muslim people.