Rural Education in Pakistan

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This project is aiming to establish Coaching Centres and hostels for Marwari & Mengwal believers in order to compliment other church planing efforts, encourage financial independence, and assist young people to have an improved place in society through education.

It is envisioned that 4 Coaching Centres would offer basic education for about 60 children for 4 years, a hostel would allow 30 children from underdeveloped rural areas to attend the SIM run school for 5 years, and an additional hostel would allow for 20 older children to complete their education.

Coaching centres would also provide a link with the local community as a vehicle for outreach.

The Hindu background Marwari & Mengwal people of Pakistan are generally at the lowest end of the unofficial caste system that still exists in Pakistan. They are found in rural locations where they usually make a meagre living as servants of their Muslim landlords. They themselves are usually landless and often migrate from place to place according to the availability of work. The gradual mechanisation of agriculture means that there is gradually less demand for their labour. Several hundred Mawaris have come to faith under the ministry of SIM, but these believers tend to be far less educated than the more established Punjabi believers. Education of second and third generation Marwari & Mengwal believers is necessary.