CSL-Danja Fistula Center Equipment

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The fistula center is expected to provide care for women with fistulas, train doctors from Niger and other African countries in fistula repair, and develop model community-based programs to prevent prolonged obstructed labor - the major reason for fistula formation.

This project will help provide some of the surgical equipment for the fistula center, specifically three operating tables, six sets of portable operating room lights, and four sets of surgical instruments.

Niger Republic has made significant strides toward combating obstetric fistula; however, the scope of the problem in this region is immense. Niger has both the highest fertility rate and one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world, yet it is one of the world's poorest countries. At least 100,000 Nigerien women and girls already suffer from obstetric fistulas, with approximately 8,000 new cases each year. Child birth at a young age predisposes adolsecent girls to developing fistulas; in Niger more than one-third (36%) of girls ages 15-19 have already been pregnant and/or have children.