Sowing Seeds of Change in the Sahel

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Sowing Seeds of Change in the Sahel seeks to improve agriculture and health in the Maradi Region of Niger Republic. Building on an established sustainable farming systems research and demonstration programme, farmers will be invited to participate in a community based learning highlighting the benefits and means of establishing Farmer Managed AgroForestry Systems (FMAFS) on their farms. The aim is to improve and sustain food and income security, improve village economies and repair extensive areas of degraded farmlands. Regular radio broadcasts and collaboration with other organisations will continue as a means to more widely disseminate technical information to promote the benefits of change to farming and health practices. A health programme to train mostly women in preventative health measures will complement the agricultural work. Traditional birth attendants will also be trained and mentored to give much needed ante-natal care, and to conduct safer deliveries and post-natal care.

Recognizing the role of attitude in improving agriculture and health, participants will be encouraged through relevant stories and facilitated discussion to consider how their current world view and practice might be limiting improvements in food and income security, health and personal and community wellbeing.