Ethiopian Famine Relief

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80% of Ethiopian people live in rural areas and are dependent upon subsistence farming to enable them to survive. Rainfall in Ethiopia can be inconsistent and there are times when either there is too little rain for the crop to grow or there is too much and either the potential harvest is ruined or people's houses become inhabitable.

In any one year in a country the size of Ethiopia there will be areas which have been impacted by this erratic rainfall and where the community is suffering. Conflict can also displace people from their homes.

This project has been established to provide relief when these situations occur. Where the harvest has not been successful the project will provide dry rations to help give communities their daily energy requirement and also supply new seed to help farmers to replace the crop that has failed. Where children are affected by malnourishment supplementary food and health is also provided for them. Where people are in need of rehabilitation the project will provide items such as housing materials, working tools, farming animals, restocking and seed to enable those impacted to start afresh.

The project will also cover the cost of assessing whether a potential area is in need of relief and rehabilitation. The focus of SIMs relief work is in areas where existing SIM projects are in place or in partnership with the Kale Heywet Church and other similar organizations.