Nhasi Zve Mangwana - Today For Tomorrow

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This project will equip the children 12 years old and under of Zimbabwe to live lives that will keep them HIV negative and equip them to grow up to be godly men and women. The program currently runs at 8 different places in Mutare district and reaches out to between 350 and 500 children per week. The program is interactive and enjoyable for the children, including games, sports, team work, lifeskills and biblical truths being taught in through various mediums best suited for this age group.

There are two main objectives of the programme: one is church-based, encouraging children within the church to action out their Christianity by supporting and helping peers in the context of HIV; the second is community-based, outreach to community children at large where the development of these children in all spheres of their lives is the aim.

The desire is to see this program implemented in at least all the other 16 UBC districts. This program has the potential to reach out to 7000 children or more per week.

An amount of 278 USD could start a new Today For Tomorrow programme, while 106 USD could sustain one of these programs for a year.