Hope For AIDS - Zimbabwe

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The purpose of this project is to help cover the costs for three critical staff positions: Programme Manager, Office Administrator and Caretaker. These three roles are vital to the sustainability and effectiveness of the Hope for AIDS ministry in Zimbabwe.

The Programme Manager oversees all the projects in the ministry by monitoring and evaluating them, watching that they keep within their budgets, fund raising by developing update and new proposals, making narrative and financial reports, developing and maintaining healthy relations between the SIM/HFA ministries and the Church, Government and other Non Governmental Organizations. He also builds the team of staff, keeping them focused on ministry objectives and producing results and compiles reports from all the ministry projects quarterly for onward transmission to SIM and the donor community. He is the driver of the Hope for AIDS ministry in Zimbabwe.

The Officer Administrator is critical in that she meets the banking needs of the ministry, collecting the financial needs of each project monthly, issuing the funds to officers , making sure that all bills are paid up, collecting receipts of expenditure after every activity and prepares and submits reconciled R&D reports monthly to SIM. She monitors the financial resources of the ministry on a daily basis.

The Care Taker tills and tends a vegetable and herbal garden at the offices. The vegetables are supplied to orphans in Mutare district (where the offices are located) and the herbs are collected and used by People Living with HIV and AIDS. With the escalating costs of medicines in Zimbabwe, herbal remedies that boost immunity are the lifeline for People Living with HIV and AIDS and so this garden plays a critical role in the ministry. In addition, the Care Taker also keeps a presence at the offices for security reasons.

In addition, this project also meets office and administrative costs such as rates, electricity, water, vehicle and fuel, refuse and other costs of running an office.

Meeting the above needs are basic requirements to be able to reach the people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.