The Way of Righteousness Project

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The Way of Righteousness Project (TWOR) is an English translation of 100 fifteen minutes radio programs aimed at reaching Muslims for Christ. It is a chronological presentation of the Gospel using the holy books of Islam including the Quran. It begins with the Torah of Moses into the writings of the prophets and on to the Gospels that gives a view of Gods unalterable purpose throughout human history to answers the question, how can a man be righteous before God? This project involves translating, recording, distribution and broadcasting this book into 4 northern Ghana languages where SIM/BCA works. After the 3 stages are completed a follow up program is planned and is included in this project.

Islam is advancing at an alarming rate. Politically, socially, and economically as well as religiously, it is becoming a dominant force in Africa. Mosques, Islamic centres and Islamic literature are rapidly multiplying all over the continent. With its lack of tolerance and its belief that all non-Muslims must subject to Islam, it poses a major threat to the proclamation of the Gospel and to the welfare of the Church. In Ghana, historically the north was always Muslim until 100 years ago when the 'white fathers' penetrated the north from Burkina Faso. Islam is now making a major push to reclaim all of northern Ghana back to Islam. TWOR project can change this strategy by presenting the Truth in a non-threatening way.