Pastoral Care and Family Life Education

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This project is a combination of two previous projects. Trainer couples from the 18 EE/SIM church regions were trained in pastoral care of those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. They will continue to train the remaining 150 pastor couples (approximate) who have not received the training in these regions. There are approximately 300 students in the 3 EE/SIM Bible Schools who will receive this training every two years. Teaching modules are available in French and Gourma in a 20 page summary booklet. This will need to be translated into Fulfulde for the Fulani who make up the 19th region of the church as of end of 2007.

In addition 2 couples from each of the 19 EE/SIM church regions have been trained in the first level of marriage and family counseling by a team of couples from Family Life Movement Burkina Faso. The training of other couples in the churches has taken place in 9 regions and will continue in the 10 remaining regions. The trainers will receive two more levels of training and subsequently train the same couples who received the first level in their respective regions.