Caring for Kids: Malnourished and Orphans

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Updated Description (Nov 2010) - The project exists to facilitate the rehabilitation of malnourished children as well as provide infant formula and milk powder to orphans. The project is carried out under the auspices of the SIM Piela Clinic in the department known as the CREN. (CREN is a French acronym, a government designation for an official rehabilitation center). The project provides residential treatment for severe and some moderate malnutrition, with the following objectives: 1) restore the sick child to health with appropriate medical treatment; 2) re-feed the child with fortified milk and enriched porridge to promote quick weight gain; 3) educate mothers as to proper nutrition and hygiene; 4) provide follow-up by monitoring the weight and growth of children discharged home; provide an enriching mix for porridge that mothers can use at home. The project also provides at-home treatment for moderately malnourished children, and for severely malnourished children who have no associated illness. The objective of the orphan program is to promote the well-being of children under the age of 2 years whose mothers have died by providing infant formula at reduced cost to children under one year of age and dry powdered milk at reduced cost to children up to 2 years of age.