National AIDS Treatment and Prevention Program

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Bembereke Hospital has been designated as a treatment centre for People Living with HIV (PLHIV) by the Beninese government, and this includes Anti-retroviral treatment (ARV). The AIDS clinic Alafia will provide follow up care of these people, either at the clinic or in their homes. This follow up care includes small gifts of food, small business initiatives (IGA) to enable people to provide for themselves. Where orphans are involved, some care will also be provided, mainly in the area of education.

Volunteers (recruited from local churches) will be trained to help provide care of these PLHIV in their villages as well as assisting with AIDS prevention education. The prevention part is mainly directed towards the church and includes teaching of future pastors, women at conferences, youth groups, and radio messages with the goal being to diminish stigmatisation within the church and increase compassion.