2015 Walk-a-Thons

Name Location Begins Ends Leader
add team with leader goal Africa
Team 1 Canada Dec 01/15 Apr 29/16
Team 2 Canada Cantelo, Scott
Mikey's Project Senegal Smith, John
Mikey's All Star Team! Smith, John
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Name Location Begins Ends Leader
Team 1 Programmers
Test 2 Social Mediators

Education-MK & Intl Schools

Name Location Begins Ends Leader
North India High-risk Children's Ministry India
North India High-Risk Orphan's Home India
Training Center For Widows & Women In Need Nigeria

Health Care

Name Location Begins Ends Leader
UIEA Rio da Huila Hospital Angola
Bembereke Hospital Benin
HEB 50th Anniversary Community Centre Benin
National AIDS Treatment and Prevention Program Benin
Trinidad Emergency Health Bolivia
Caring for Kids: Malnourished and Orphans Burkina Faso
CSPS Piela Benevolent Fund Burkina Faso
Mahadaga Medical Center (CSPS) Burkina Faso
National Nurses Training Burkina Faso
Niendangou Ecole Biblique Fonctionnement Burkina Faso
Ophthalmology Program for Piela and Mahadaga Medical Centres Burkina Faso
Pastoral Care and Family Life Education Burkina Faso
Piela Medical Center (formerly 93290) Burkina Faso
CAUSEcafe Health Canada
Health Education for 'A' Lives Ethiopia
Langano Health Program Ethiopia
Langano Kids Aid Ethiopia
Makki Health Program Ethiopia
Medan Addis Ababa ACTS Ethiopia
Medan Shashemene ACTS Ethiopia
Hope For AIDS-SHALOM Delhi India
ELWA Hospital Renovation, Phase 5 Liberia
Trinity Dental Clinic and Training Center - ELWA Liberia
Sani Health Centre Malawi
INF Dang Programme Care and Support Section Nepal
CSL Danja Niger
CSL-Danja Fistula Center Equipment Niger
Danja Hospital Structural Renovation Niger
Galmi AIDS Antiretroviral Treatment and Care Niger
Galmi Hospital Niger
Galmi Hospital Benevolent Fund Niger
Galmi Hospital Redevelopment Project Niger
Bingham University Teaching Hospital VVF Nigeria
ECWA Hospital Egbe Revitalization Project Nigeria
Rebuilding Southern Sudan - GMC Community Health Training School Sudan
Rebuilding Southern Sudan: Church and Nation - Safe Drinking Wa Sudan
Luampa Hospital General Zambia
Mukinge Hospital Zambia
Mukinge Hospital Continuing Education Fund Project Zambia

Home Ministries

Name Location Begins Ends Leader
Emerging Missions: SIM Brazil Launch Brazil
M&K Ministry

Media & Translation

Name Location Begins Ends Leader
Bariba Radio Benin
Benin Bible Translation Consultant Benin
Benin Radio General Benin
Fon Radio Benin
French Radio Benin
Kotokoli Radio Benin
Monkole Radio Benin
Translation & Literacy - Benin Benin
Health/Community Development Radio Program & Booklet Production Bolivia
Quechua Literature & Radio Programming-Revised Bolivia
Quechua Radio (Mosoj Chaski) Bolivia
Abidjan FM Radio Station Cote d Ivoire
Amharic African Bible Commentary & Publication Ethiopia
Children's Curriculum Development Ethiopia
Ethiopian S/W Radio Broadcasts Ethiopia
Kafa Linguistics Ethiopia
NOMAD-Narrative Oral Media for 'A' Development Ethiopia
The Voice of New Life: Somali Radio & Correspondence Ministry Ethiopia
Books for Ghana Ghana
Cinevan Town Sponsors Plan Ghana
Maninka Audio Media Outreach Guinea
ELWA Radio Restoration - Phase 3 Liberia
Western Province (Zambia) Literature Production Zambia


Name Location Begins Ends Leader
Marg Bevington Memorial Gifts Benin
Short term project volunteers Canada
Mongu Evangelical Youth Drop-in Centre Zambia

Services - Technical

Name Location Begins Ends Leader
Learning for Living Trust- Land and Building Bangladesh
Nindangou Bible School Infrastructure Burkina Faso
Nindangu Bible School Student Housing Burkina Faso
NRCC Motorbike Ghana
Maza Tsaye Security Wall Niger
SIMAIR Jet Fuel Cessna 182 Niger
JETS Christian Leadership Center Nigeria
Camp La Joya: Phase II Peru
Manna Campus Relocation phase 2 Zambia
UBC New Head Office Zimbabwe
Africa Bible Commentary

Theological Education

Name Location Begins Ends Leader
Bariba Bible School Benin
Benin Bible Schools Benin
Leadership Training Scholarships Benin Benin
Lokpa Bible School Land Title Benin
Church Leadership Training - Bolivia Bolivia
New Editor Brazil Dec 29/14 Dec 31/14
Burkina Faso Bible Schools Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso Fulani Bible School Building Fund Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso Fulani Bible School Functioning Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso Theological Training Scholarships Burkina Faso
Equipping Women To Serve Women Burkina Faso
School of Urban Biblical Studies (SUBS) Canada
Sun Like Thunder Book Canada
Church Leadership Training-Chile Chile
Koyamentu Retreat & Training Centre - Phase 2 Chile
Leadership Training - China China
Amaharic Bible Schools (ABS) Celebration and Support - Project Ethiopia
ETC Scholarship Fund Ethiopia
Evangelical Theological College Faculty Development Ethiopia
Hosanna KMTC Development Ethiopia
Internal Theological Education Scholarships Ethiopia
Special EKHC Scholarships Ethiopia
Sudanese Bible Student Scholarship Ethiopia
Ghana Scholarships Ghana
Maranatha Bible College Ghana
Pastors Bookset Malawi Malawi
Aguie Bible Training School Niger
Ecole Superieure Theologie Evangelique de Niamey Niger
Niger Christian Teacher Training College - Phase 1 Niger
Collins Memorial Scholarships Nigeria
ECWA Seminary - Jos Nigeria
ECWA Theological College - Aba Nigeria
ECWA Theological Institutions, Nigeria Nigeria
JETS Student and Alumni Outreach Ministry Nigeria
Kagoro Theological Seminary Nigeria
Leadership Training Pakistan
Gideon Theological College Sudan
Rebuilding Sudan: Nation and Church Sudan
Francophone Pastors' Book Set Project
The Romans Project

x Administration

Name Location Begins Ends Leader
CCX 20/20 Project Canada
Regional Expansion Project Canada
FSA Ministry Partnership Ethiopia
SIM Ethiopian National Staff Medical Provision Ethiopia
FilSIM General Support Pool Philippines
Sudan Harvest Worker Project Sudan

x Church Planting & Evangelism

Name Location Begins Ends Leader
Ride For Rufiji Africa
TEE Translation - Nyaneka Angola
Bangladesh Bible Correspondence School Bangladesh
Indigenous Outreach Workers in Bangladesh Bangladesh
Quechua Pastors' Book Sets Bolivia
Computer Training Outreach Land Burkina Faso
CAUSEcafe Discipleship Canada
CAUSEcafe Outreach Canada
SIM NEI Missionary Assistance East Asia (Singapore)
Bingham Academy Campus Development 2015 Ethiopia
EKHC Disciple Making Pastors Training Ethiopia
Ethiopian Kale Heywet School of Missions Building-Phase 1 Ethiopia
Ethiopian Pastors Book Sets Ethiopia
Gumuz Evangelism Ethiopia
Langano Camp - Facilities Development Ethiopia
Mekelle Youth Center Ethiopia
Muslim Outreach Program Ethiopia
Wolaitta Latin New Testament Printing Ethiopia
Church Planting - Ghana Ghana
Cinevan Replacement Project Ghana
Evang'l Missionary Alliance Ghana
The Way of Righteousness Project Ghana
West Bengal Outreach India
Church Planting among the Kel Geres Tamajaq People Niger
Student Evangelistic Centre Niger
Children at Risk Building Project (former Gidan Bege Building) Nigeria
City Ministries of ECWA - Nigeria Nigeria
Evangelical Missionary Society (EMS) Nigeria
Samaru Widows School Development Nigeria
Faisalabad Book Van Pakistan
Marwari Church Planting Pakistan
Camp La Joya - serving children of Peru Peru
Camp La Joya Horse Program Peru
San Luis Church property Development Peru
Developing Friendships of Trust Philippines
FilSIM-New Initiative in Mission Philippines
LCA West Africa (Life Challenge) Senegal
Outreach to Muslims by DVD Senegal
Thies Reading Room and Study Hall Senegal
Neptunia Church Land Purchase Uruguay
Chizela Bible Institute Zambia
Jesus Film & Discipleship Coordinator - Mufumbwe Zambia
Support of Nat'l Church Workers Zambia
Zambia Eastern Province Outreach Project Zambia
Zambia Pastors' Book Set Zambia
Nhasi Zve Mangwana - Today For Tomorrow Zimbabwe
UBC Pastors' Support Zimbabwe

x Development & Relief

Name Location Begins Ends Leader
Arsenic Awareness and Alleviation Program Bangladesh
Bangladesh Disaster Relief Bangladesh
Community Development Project Bangladesh
Kushtia Development Program Bangladesh
Rajshahi Leadership Training Center Bangladesh
Burkina Faso Famine Relief Burkina Faso
DOULOS Agro site development Burkina Faso
DOULOS Women's Life Skills Training Burkina Faso
Help the Handicapped Burkina Faso
Hope for Victims of Trafficking Burkina Faso
Ouagadougou Flood Relief Burkina Faso
CAUSEcafe Emergency Relief Canada
CAUSEcafe Income Generation Canada
CAUSEcafe Water Canada
Dorcas Widows Master Project Canada
Relief, Rehab & Development - Project Canada
Camel Watering Center Ethiopia
Children and Youth at Risk Ethiopia
Ethiopia Water Ethiopia
Ethiopian Famine Relief Ethiopia
Food Sustainability in Famine Areas Ethiopia
Forest Fruit & Forage for Farm Families Ethiopia
HIV/AIDS Orphan Support Ethiopia
House of Hope : Infant Nursing home In Famine Areas Operation Ethiopia
Langano Clinic Facilities Expansion Ethiopia
Moving Families to Independence Ethiopia
Overnight Shelter for Street Girls - Deborah House Ethiopia
Women at Risk : Vocational Training Ethiopia
Food AID for Upper Regions of Ghana Ghana
Gifts Of Mercy in Times of Crisis Ghana
Hand-dug Well Ghana
Face Trafficking & Prostitution India
Kenya Emergency Relief Fund Kenya
SIMPact Ministries Small Projects Kenya
Hope For AIDS AEC Home Based Care Malawi
Hope For AIDS Orphan Care Malawi
Celebrate Recovery - Mongolia Mongolia
Sowing Seeds of Change in the Sahel Niger
AIDS Widow & Orphan Bucket Project Nigeria
Nigeria Relief Fund Nigeria
Pakistan Flood Relief Pakistan
Arequipa Children's Ministries-ACM Peru
Sudan Relief Contigency Sudan
Apple Project Zambia
Kasempa Orphan Assistance Zambia
Famine Relief For Vulnerable Groups In Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
Hope For AIDS - Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
AIDS Family Support & Foster Care
Disaster Relief Fund
Project Positive Ray

x Education - Community

Name Location Begins Ends Leader
Children's Uplift Programme Bangladesh
SALAM Training & Outreach Bangladesh
Salam Training Centre Bangladesh
Benin Christian Worldview Teacher Training Benin
Student Library Books Benin
El Alfarero - Student Centre, Santa Cruz, Bolivia Bolivia
Burkina Faso Fulani Bible School Scholarships Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso Primary Schools Burkina Faso
Ouagadougou Ministry and Training Center Burkina Faso
Winning Children, Growing Leaders Burkina Faso
CAUSEcafe translation & literacy Canada
CAUSEcafe Youth Canada
Gumuz Adult Education Project Ethiopia
HIV/AIDS Mainstreaming in the Church Ethiopia
Langano Elem School Operation Ethiopia
Langano Library Project Ethiopia
Mursi Education Pilot Programme Ethiopia
Ghana Academic Scholarships Ghana
Duncan Academy Raxaul India
Muslim Believers Childrens Schooling India
John Ockers Conference Centre - Maza Tsaye Niger
Maradi Cornerstone Academy - Phase 1 Niger
Niger General Education a Christian Perspective Ph. 1 Niger
JETS Center for Occupational Capacity Building Nigeria
Rural Education in Pakistan Pakistan
Spiritual Life Training for Sudan Workers Sudan
Sudan Interior Church Secondary School Sudan
Literature Production Office, Zambia Zambia
Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
Mseleni (Kwa Zulu) Children's Home