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No Man's Sky PS4 Release

Highly-anticipated by fans, Hello Games' "No Man's Sky" rumored to release this year. This Sci-Fi adventure game will be available in PS4.

According to Christian Today, this new game was already been accepted from its first release around E3 last year. Since then, gamers have kept their eye to this game. This is a Sci-Fi adventure game, which is really noticeable from its trailer, and is set in an open universe. So, players can enter to experience different cosmic adventures.

With its gameplay, as mentioned by the same site source, players can enjoy the different activities with the cosmic atmosphere through exploring the galaxy on their own. While exploring, they can go to the different solar systems and discover the hidden secrets of the galaxies while meeting new forms. Along the game, players can notice the interstellar war on-going between the players and the baddies for a chance of space survival.

As revealed by the Hello Games' managing director and founder Sean Murray in an interview, the game can be enjoyed both in online and offline modes. Another thing interesting about "No Man's Sky" is about the A.Is. He shared that the AI would make the game more exciting. He also explained that these AI will not be directly identified by the players in the final game.

"And, actually, you won't know if they're AI or real players in the final game. It's not a thing we're going to mark, I think," Murray cited.

Mentioned by Venture Beat, this game was inspired from "Han Solo Simulator." Murray revealed this concept after being asked by the journalists during the Electronic Entertainment Expo tradeshow in Los Angeles last year.

Since it was highlighted during Sony's E3 press conference, Murray faced a lot of questions especially with its gameplay. He described, "It'll start you out on a little planet around the edge of its procedurally  generated galaxy. Things on the galactic edge are easier, but maybe less intersting and/or lucrative. You can stick around and explore, scanning for useful materials and mining them for cash, or you can jump into your 'life pod', a small starter spacecraft that can't venture beyond your current solar system, and start visiting other planets."

Though Murray shared every details about "No Man's Sky", yet, he hasn't revealed the exact date of its release. With their official website, the release date is marked with "TBC" though it would be in PS4 platform.

However, rumors said that it would come out by June. But if it won't come out by the said month, perhaps by the third quarter of this year. "No Man's Sky" will be released in PS4. Other platforms to release remained unconfirmed by developers.