Sept 26 ~ OSM Development
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Two questions, a control question and a copy of a client question... in both cases the correct answer is the first one.


This questionnaire is for testing character related IE issues... where strange characters in the text of answers causes correct answers to show as incorrect (something that other browsers do not seem to do).


Control Question, without any strange characters.

The first answer is always the right answer.
The second answer is not correct.
The third answer is no more correct than the second... which is to say, it is incorrect.

7. “In the frail elderly or those with limited life expectancy… Potential benefits of treatment must be balanced against the potential risks of harm (eg. hypoglycemia, hypotension, falls)... (1)

A) Target A1C ≤8.5%
B) Target A1C ≤7.5%
C) Target A1C ≤6.5%