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ALT This is a photo taken during a camping trip in July, 2014. ALT
This is a photo taken during a camping trip in July, 2014.
ALT Lemongrass Rocks ALT
This was the best sundae ever to be consumed.
ALT Fungi
This fungus was found growing on the corpse of a downed tree.
ALT spiderweb photograph ALT
This photograph depicts a spiderweb, back lit by sunshine.
ALT More beams of light ALT
Some beams of light, taken from a different angle. It may look like smoke, but it was a warm day after a cold, rainy night and the forest was filled with mist.
ALT No title or description on this one ALT
SVEA makes heavy, old fashioned, brass stoves for backpacking.


No Man's Sky PS4 Release Highly-anticipated by fans, Hello Games' "No Man's Sky" rumored to release this year. This Sci-Fi adventure game will be available in PS4. According to Christian Today, this new game was already been accepted from its first release around E3 last year. Since then, gamers have kept their eye to this game. This is a Sci-Fi adventure game, which is really noticeable from its trailer, and is set in an open universe. So, players can enter to experience different cosmic adventures. With its gameplay, as mentioned by the same site source, players can enjoy the different activities with
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